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Traffic Signal Controls, Inc. (TSC, Inc.) has been successfully providing products and services to the transportation industry since 1983. We have built TSC, Inc. around our customer's needs and every aspect of our business is based on supporting YOU, our transportation customers. Our dedicated staff provides sales, services and training for all transportation customers.


As part of our service we have personnel that have been trained and are certified to support all products that we provide. Both on-site and telephone support is available during business hours and often after hours when required. Rain, Sleet and the Snows of night present no problem to our service response.

We also provide periodic training and seminars for the products that we support. We have provided over 100 seminars which have trained many customers on the operation and usage of transportation equipment. Customers are invited to participate in day long sessions where information and operation information is provided to help our customers get the maximum benefit for their products.

TSC, Inc. is known in the transportation industry as an expert in the field and has provided engineering services for our customers to guide them on the usage and operation of unique projects and new ways to resolve problems. We actually partner with our users to solve difficult problems while providing cost effective options.

TSC, Inc. looks forward to providing you with Sales, Service, and Training support.


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Part of the sales effort we keep an inventory the most common transportation equipment in our Colorado warehouse location. 95% of the time customers can be certain that they can acquire transportation products in a timely manner when purchased from TSC, Inc. TSC, Inc. has over 1 million dollars of inventory at all times. This provides an invaluable service to our customers by shortening delivery times as well as providing products in case of emergency situations


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