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Beacons & School Flashers

RTC Connect

RTC Connect™  is the premier central software platform for programming, monitoring, and maintaining school zone flasher systems with two-way communication. It is customizable, easy to configure, and the best way to get a snapshot of the school zone flashers in your area. It is the "command center" for your system

Time Switches

The AP22 is the industry-standard, time-tested school zone appliance for the scheduling and storage of school zone programming. It is a low-maintenance, user-friendly time switch that you can trust to get the job done

The Guardian™ Series product line monitors and alerts users of current and potential problems with batteries, solar panels, time switches, LEDs, and power supplies located in flasher systems or any other electronic device. Alerts are sent directly to you via text or e-mail,

RTC manufactures reliable solar and AC-powered 24-Hour Flashing Systems that can be used to warn drivers of whatever lies ahead. Choose the FlashCube® top-of-pole mounted cabinet and flasher or our traditional side-of-pole mounted cabinet. Both units feature our reliable 12" 24-hour flashing beacons that are proven to stand up to all weather conditions

The RTC M2M is a compact communications modem that allows the user to connect an AP22 to a central computer using RTC Connect software, eliminating the cost and maintenance of additional infrastructure

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